What can a Chatbot do for you?

Botsolution Chatbots integrate with all of the following platorms...


Your website

Receive customer orders, accept payments, book appointments, answer general questions and perform a variety of sales, customer service and technical support functions.


Facebook Messenger

Integrate your bot directly with FB messenger.  Run outreach campaigns, constantly stay in touch with fans, followers and new prospects.  


Over 2000 apps with Zapier

Connects your bot to popular apps such as Google (Gmail, Drive, Sheets, Calendar, Docs, Analytics and others), MailChimp, Salesforce, Shopify, Slack, Trello, Twitter, Twilio, Wix, Webflow, WordPress, plus many more.



Google Dialogflow and Amazon Lex are two of the leading Artificial Intelligence Chatbot platforms with Natural Language Understanding.  Make your client-bot interactions conversational by incorporating these platforms into your next bot project.


Developper Tools

The ability to connect directly to your own API in browser is what sets Kommunicate apart from the other leading bot platforms.  In addition, JS functions can be added directly to the installation code, limiting the possibilities only to the imagination.


A Simple Goal: Friendly Bots for Everyone!

Everyday we live out our commitment to develop and deploy friendly client facing AI tools for small and medium sized business.  We believe the future to be bright and full of hope, where humans and bots can thrive in symbiotic coexistence.  We're a crew of AI enthusiasts who endeavor to make bots an integral part of customer service. Why? Because people want simple, immediate, knowledgeable interactions and our bots are here to provide it!  

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